Crack Fill

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crack fill and asphalt patching


HINE paving has the capability to handle any size commercial crack fill job. When parking lot maintenance requires tens or hundreds of yards of pavement cracks to be filled we have the commercial grade equipment to tackle it. 

Our continuous-feed units allow for an unlimited application of 400 degree hot rubber crack fill. Towed behind a vehicle with pallets of rubber fill material added to maintain constant application, quick work can be made of your most damaged parking lot areas. With a rapid setup time your parking lot operations will be minimally impacted.

quickly Extend the life of your commercial parking lot by preventing further water and ice infiltration with hot crack fill. Contact us to learn more.
Driveway Crack fill in Orange


New England weather is no friend of your asphalt driveway. Water, Ice and temperature swings can cause cracks in your existing driveway. Over time they only get wider and spread farther. If it’s not time to repave, but you would like to maintain what you have, crack fill is the answer. 

Hot rubber fill material can be applied quickly and affordably. You will be able to use your driveway the same day and you will have halted the spread of damaging cracks. There is no more cost effective way to prolong the life of your driveway.

prevent further damage to your existing driveway quickly and affordably by having your existing cracks filled. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE.

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